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Birdsong's New Collection, This time made to order!

[Written for my final major project magazine, from a press release I received from birdsong for the 'scoop' in the magazine]

Birdsong is a clothing brand that was established in 2014 by co-founders Sophie Slater and Sarah Neville. They are pioneers in ethical women’s wear, partnering with charities and women’s groups to provide living wage, flexible work to low income women in East London.

Birdsong creates clothing for women who ‘dress in protest’. Although they make slogan tees too, in the rest of their collections they pride themselves on making statements that last longer than the time it takes to read a t-shirt. “Wearing our collection of original wardrobe staples is a protest in itself– against the fast nature of the fashion industry, against the obsessive pursuit of trends and against the systematic abuse of women in the production line” say’s Birdsong.

Their new SS20 collection is equally as beautiful as previous collections, and they have stepped up their game yet again by switching over to an ‘pre-order only’ scheme. Why? Because it’s better for the environment. Less stock = less waste⁠. Bird song say’s “Pre-ordering slows the fast fashion beast, and encourages people to wait for items that are lovingly, carefully made and that they truly want.⁠”

The new collection features prints and motifs that have been inspired by ancient folklore, magical botanicals and amulets. The botanicals in the prints have been noted to be used in spells that bring luck and happiness, which will be mirrored in the feelings of wearing these pieces.

The prints inspired from nature are delicate and earthy, designed to ground the wearer whilst the prairie flourishes such as subtle frills and wide billowing sleeves add a feminine elegance to the pieces, to uplift the wearer and make them stand out.

Each dress is versatile, with adjustable straps that can be tied in a number of ways to suit everyone, not only in shape but in style. Whether you favour a statement bow or a simple tie. They also come in varying lengths. Floor length maxis if you want to add some drama to your wardrobe, or a shorter length for summer days or over jeans. The beauty of the pre-order system is that you can request your desired length of a dress when you order it from the website.

Birdsong’s fabric is fully traceable. The fibres are purchased from Austrian company Lenzig, spun and woven by mills in Jiangsu province China, and finished locally in Wuxi at the Mozartex facility. Mozartex and a traditional printing mill in Lancashire printers have worked together, leading in sustainability for a generation. The fabric is printed by the mill using eco, less water intensive pigments with our bespoke designs.

As always, Birdsong’s new SS20 collection has, and will continue to, be made by low income migrant women, being paid a fair London Living Wage. As well as this, all their orders are packed and posted out by a Camden based charity working with adults with learning disabilities.

If you’d like to get one of your own gorgeous hand made to order pieces from this collection you can find them at


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