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Fresh off the back from their Midlands Fashion Awards win, I caught up with the creative mind behind the emerging brand MYREALCOVER. Malachi Cummings co owns MRC alongside Darren Scott. The pair are old friends who move in the same Birmingham circle which includes other creatives; they help each other out and support each others work. This includes Birmingham born rapper Mist, who has been donning the brand recently. Since making this musical link, their most recent success has been dressing Lil Pump which has had a massive impact on their following. Their Instagram following has sky rocketed since this, which can only mean great things for the future.

MYREALCOVER produces both capsule and collection pieces, also offering bespoke services. Their concept is to create stylish pieces combining smart and street. Always mixing two polar opposites whether it be a bold colour on a muted background or high fashion tailoring to a sporty piece.

This is what Mally told me…

From the get go Mally’s passion for MYREALCOVER being a unique brand was very clear. Both himself and Darren wanted to think outside the box and challenge themselves to break boundaries. The name MYREALCOVER, Mally tells me, was born out of the idea of being original. “We wanted a name that was clean, and spoke for being true to yourself.” After all, who doesn’t want to be the cover person of their own life?

It doesn’t seem easy for Mally to pinpoint where his main inspirations come from because he and his business partner are remarkably focused on doing something different. I suspect there must be some, but those cards are for one reason or another kept close to their chest. Naturally for an ambitious designer and entrepreneur he would prefer to focus on his originality rather than to make comparisons. For a young designer working within this fiercely competitive and ever changing industry it is important to be different. “We always try to push ourselves and try out new designs, even when at first we don’t think it will necessarily work – we don’t want to be typical.”

Mally says that being from the Midlands themselves it was an obvious choice for them to start out of Birmingham. The bigger dream is to take the brand to an international level, but Birmingham is home. Mally says “I do think the Midlands has amazing emerging designers and talent. We just need to work together and support each other in order to promote the cities talent for the rest of the UK to see.” I couldn’t agree more with him on this point.

Mally is beaming about having won the Emerging Designer of the year award at Midlands Fashion Awards. Being acknowledged in the city that MRC was born out of carries extra gratification. “The win was a massive surprise, we’re very grateful. It’s a massive and amazing achievement. We are really proud of what we’ve achieved in only the first year of running the business.”

Mally’s humbleness in what he has achieved, and is set to achieve in the future, is inspiring. The pair appreciate every little thing that takes them closer to their goal. Mally admits he “never let himself think it would take off this much”; but the hard work is paying off and it’s really showing.

Like with any endeavour in life the pair have encountered challenges. For Mally maintaining good time keeping has been his biggest challenge. “When making garments in the studio, maintaining good time keeping is hard.” But surely the designer’s passion for their product is the most important thing for a brand, right? Mally agrees.

Mally tells me they are pushing for London Fashion week and would love to see their brand being stocked in shops. If judging by what the pair have achieved in their first year is anything to go by, they are set for a successful future. First stop London Fashion Week, next stop worldwide takeover.

You can purchase MYREALCOVER online at, and see what they are up to on Instagram @myrealcover


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