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New year, Same me

Updated: May 19, 2020

It’s just over a week into January and having not made any 'self improvement' resolutions for 2019 I am still feeling active, positive and motivated. Previously I've had a hostile relationship with the date. Maybe it's the rebel within me but sometimes if I set myself rules it has a detrimental rather than positive effect. I just end up breaking them. So this year I took the pressure off.

Rewind to New year’s eve. The clock strikes twelve and it’s the first of January 2019. Hugs, kisses and the sky illuminated with fireworks. It’s exciting and the anticipation of a whole new year feels like a novelty. For all of ten minutes (at a push) and then it’s over. Everyone disperses back into the party as if an officer in charge has just announced ‘as you were’. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time. But I am sure that if by some fluke we had have celebrated on the wrong day the fun factor would still be the same.

For me this celebration of passing from 11.59, to 12.00 carries the same façade as what making a New Year’s resolution has been to me in the past.

In the past crossing from New Years Eve to New Years day has been nothing but an oxymoronic time for me to start a clean lifestyle. I know I’m not alone when I say I can pretty much guarantee I will be sleeping in on new year’s day. My first thought will not be hitting the gym. It is more likely to be wondering whether it is too early to order a takeaway. This year I am completely and utterly ok with that for the first time in ages. Had I set myself the goal of clean eating and working out as my resolution I know I would have had an overwhelming self loathing feeling as I failed at the first hurdle. Instead, with absolutely zero guilt I embraced my lethargic mood.

In the coming days after new years I have naturally started to get back into my usual routine. As my personal life goals tend to stay pretty concordant I am happily working towards them in the same way I always have. Sometimes taking the added pressure off something and just enjoying it for what it is can make an experience a much more positive one. In this case for me New Year’s Eve became just what I wanted it to be; a great time.

This year, new year, same me.


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