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Updated: May 19, 2020

[This is an article I wrote as part of a university project in collaboration with Style Birmingham]

After learning in several places that Z generation has the highest number of tee-totals, I was intrigued. What would they opt for instead? By a happy accident I stumbled across Seedlip. Could the answer to my question have been delivered to me? It seemed this way when I learned that the companies tag line was ‘Solving the problem of what to drink when you’re not drinking.’

The intricately designed non alcoholic spirits are the world’s first to be produced through the art of distillation. Inspired by the historical apothecary book ‘The Art of Distillation’ founder of Seedlip Sam has grown the company internationally after starting with just one book, a copper sill and herbs from his own garden.

Prior to trying the Seedlip I was apprehensive. Maybe I’ve kidded myself into thinking I like the taste of my favourite spirits when really I just like a good old drink. But I was pleasantly surprised. The exquisite flavours have a high degree of complexity and the company’s vigour in creating a sophisticated drink for non-drinkers shines through.

I enjoyed in particular Grove 42. I tried it with tonic and ice, with their suggestion of an orange twist for garnish and also as a ‘minosa’. (A twist on the classic mimosa with Seedlip replacing the Prosecco). All of them were delicious and could compete with alcoholic alternatives I would opt for in a bar. Seedlip’s website also offers a lot of alternative cocktail recipes you can use if you’re feeling particularly experimental.

Grove 42’s taste is punchy and zesty with a warm kick of ginger. It is perfect for these cold winter months. The answer to a tee-total tipple when you fancy something that’s ‘christmassy’, (to use the term to describe anything we eat or drink in December) without being too heavy or sickly. I could definitely see myself knocking back a few of these at a Christmas do. And as if I need more reason to celebrate Seedlip I would hopefully leave without embarrassing myself AND wake up headache free.

‘Beer Fear’ obviously isn’t the only reason for opting for non-alcoholic alternatives. Reasons range from choice to circumstantial. So I commend Seedlip further for offering this innovatory way of drinking for a range of people. Gone are the days of having to order the boring option that you’re just getting for the sake of it. Compared to its competitors Seedlip is a pioneer in it’s field. Offering delicate and delectable drinks in it’s own right. Rather than just being a pseudo of it’s alcoholic twin on the market.

I’m not saying it has revolutionised the way I will drink. But it’s definitely the best answer I have found to my ponderings on teetotalism. Who knows, maybe I will even give dry January a try this year.

In Birmingham Seedlip is stocked in Selfridge’s, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Simpson’s restaurant, Hampton manor, The Botanist and more! You can also purchase it via Ocado or from the website at

The 70cl format bottles retail for £27.99 each.


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