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The Slashers

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

[This interview featured in my final major project, the images are taken by Will Pace, creative direction by myself]

Let us introduce you to – The Slashers. A new millennial wave of side hustlers, who focus their efforts on personal fulfilment and finding creative escapism, with the extra bonus of financial gain being thrown in too.

Particuarly in a time when things like univeristy fees are so high, as well as what seems like an ever rising cost of living, people turn to different and creative ways to make a bit of

extra money. Combine this with the emphasis that, millenials and gen z in particular, put on having an enriched and full life and you get the new wave of slashers.

These are the people who live a sort of double life. Shedding their outer every-day work attire for something more artistic, niche and personal to them when they get home.

By day Kate works in coding, meaning her nine to five is sitting at a computer in an office. But, look at what lies beneath and you will find a designer creating sexy, intricate and sequinned festival wear. Her fringed and flowered bralettes have been a hit on Depop, but most importantly making them provides her a release from the normal day to day, and the chance to be a part of something she is passionate about.

We caught up with Kate, a self proclaimed slasher who has created her own side project which goes by the name ‘out of season’.

What do you love about fashion?

I think fashion allows us to show the world who we are and is a reflection of an individual's personality through what they’re wearing. I think that one item of clothing has the potential to alter the way others see you but more importantly the way you see yourself. I know that I'm most comfortable and feel happiest in myself when I'm at a festival wearing what I’ve designed. So, I think fashion has the ability to find new confidence in a person which is very important. I also love how fashion allows us to find and show appreciation for others. I spend a lot of my time in awe of others I've passed in the street or seen images of on social media who I think look amazing due to what they're wearing and how they’ve styled it.

How would you describe your own style?

My style changes quite a lot but ultimately, I like to be comfy. I typically wear a lot of velour and furry things (fake obviously). If I'm going out, my go to is normally a small dress or skirt paired with big chunky shoes and a big coat thrown over the top - I feel like you can't really go wrong with this look. I’m also always drawn to anything sheer with a lettuce hem and of course, any underwear that I think can be worn as outerwear.

Why do you like making clothes and where does the inspiration for your pieces come from?

The inspiration for my first piece actually came from the film Closer - Natalie Portman plays a girl called Alice who, in one of the scenes, is seen working in a strip club. Alice is shown seducing another of the characters wearing a pink wig and she has on this lilac bra with sequins and tassels. I instantly fell in love with the outfit. I could just see it being an amazing festival look, so I made one. I wore it at Gottwood later that year and really didn’t think much of it until friends started suggesting I should think about selling them. At that point I already had a Depop page that I was using to sell all my old clothes so I posted the bra on there and it had loads of interest. From that point I started making and selling quite a bit and was finding it really therapeutic. After sitting at a desk all day mon-fri staring at multiple screens, it's so nice to do something completely different and so creative. Other designs have come mainly from experimentation with sequins and colours or visons I've had for festival outfits that I want to wear. However, after doing lots of pinks, lilacs and multi coloured sequins I'm about to make a completely black look that I hope to pull off this summer.


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