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Tie out this for a summer Trend

Updated: May 19, 2020

Long have we been re-visiting nineties and early noughties fashion trends, re-creating the girl-band style of fashion icons the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. Extreme flared jeans, mini shoulder bags and chunky soled trainers have cat walked their way firmly back into our wardrobes and if you’re a fan of this nostalgic nineties era then prepare to re-familiarise yourself with the latest trend on the 2020 summer style radar – the bandana.

Turning to accessories in the summer is the perfect way to add a bit of razzle-dazzle to an outfit, when we don’t have the option of layers like we do in the winter. This nostalgic head wear was an accessory of choice on the 2020 runways with Dior models donning a classic monochrome print on their silky scarves and Chanel resort colour blocking with their bandanas in bright pinks and pine greens. Also seen on Gucci and Alexander Wang runway’s and now a firm influencer favourite, the scene has undoubtedly been set for the bandana to be a summer staple - proving yet again that the stand out styles that captured the zeitgeist in the nineties are still being very much adored now.

You can take a summer dress into boho prairie vibes with a classic silk scarf triangle fold for a splash of seventies luxe or double up a classic triangle bandana and bandana crop top combo to recreate a Christina Aguilera circa 2000 chic.

The versatile bandana can be obtained in a myriad of patterns and you can experiment with styling it in countless ways. Head onto Pinterest or Instagram and you will find a whole mood board of inspo for bandana tying.

This trend also lends itself very well to a sustainable fashion movement. Charity shops and thrift stores are always full of vintage silk scarves and bandanas, or get creative with it and make your own. Maybe you still have one, a genuine original that has been waiting for resurrection at the back of your wardrobe since the millennium.

Both stylish and practical it provides sun protection, the perfect mix up from wearing a sun hat or cap, and if you need anymore reason to love this trend, think of the hassle it will save you in that in-between hair washes, bad hair day conundrum…


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